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January 10, 2009

SpaceSleeper — World's first wearable pillow



From the website:

    SpaceSleeper™ Pillow

    Doctor-recommended Spacesleeper Pillow is the first pillow you wear around your head, leaving a protective space between your face and the sleeping surface while comfortably supporting your head and neck.

    There's no painful pressure on your jaw or face, making it perfect for anyone suffering with TMJ or recovering from facial or Lasik surgery.

    It even helps prevent wrinkles and relieves sleep apnea and snoring.

    Ideal for anyone using an oxygen tube.

    Weighs just 11.13 oz.




Think outside the bed space: there's no good reason I can see why you shouldn't leave it on 24/7 in case a nap suddenly breaks out.


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Nice to use to sleep on your desk at school/work/etc. No more resting my forehead on my arm!

Posted by: eM | Jan 10, 2009 8:29:53 PM

Everything is out of joint. My world is rocked.
That faint line that separates the posts is gone! The wearable pillow thing runs right into the golf club noise thing and I'm all confused.

Posted by: Flautist | Jan 10, 2009 1:29:28 PM

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